Summer Tournament in

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Summer Tournament in

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Summer Tournament in

Good day, dear friends.

Recently, we informed you
that the first Mini-Tournament was held.
Players tested themselves and tested how it works
and what they can get for it.

You can find out about the results in our Discord:
Invite to Discord

We are announcing the start of
Summer Tournament on June 26
This tournament will feature many more teams
and much more valuable prizes.


Rules of Summer Tournament

Teams limit to 10.

Teams will be divided into 2 subgruops (group A and B).
If there are an odd number of teams,
then there will be more teams in one group.

Each game between the two teams is played until 2 out of 3 maps are won:
de_dust2, de_inferno, de_nuke.
The order is determined by the alternate selection of each of the playing teams.

Each map is played to win 16 rounds (15 for each side).
15-15 - overtime played to win 4 rounds (3 for each side).

All teams in a group must play two games against each other (like home-away),
when the "home" team decides the country of ownership of the server.
"Guests" choose the map first, "hosts" second.
If the score is 1-1, the remaining map is played.

The first two places of each group advance to the playoffs.
Semifinals: 1st place group A vs 2nd place group B,
1st place group B vs 2nd place group A.

The losers play the match for 3rd place, the winners play the final.
Teams play one match in yhe playoffs.
The match is played on the server of a European country,
or in any other country if both teams are satisfied.
Playoff games are also played on 3 map in order:
de_inferno, de_nuke, de_dust2.

Each team must contain 7 members.
Games are played in a 5vs5 format.
2 reserve players in case of unseen circumstances.

Substitutions during the match are allowed only between changing maps.

All team members must play at least 30% of the maps.
The exact number of maps played will be announced
after the team roster is approved.

Each team can, once during the entire tournament,
replace one of its players with a player
who is not currently participating in the tournament
(on any other player).
This substitution must be approved by the tournament supervisors.

Also, the team can make a reverse substitution.
Both players cannot continue to play for the team.
Time and date of match

The team captains must determine the date
and time of matches between themselves.

Prizes for winning the Summer Tournament

1st Place

- The opportunity to choose the Knife of the Summer Tournament and its design
- There will be 15 knives that can be distributed to distinguished participants
- Private Plus Server for 2 Months
- 2 Months of Premium for each of the team

2nd Place

- Private Plus Server for 2 Months
- 2 Months of Premium for each of the team

3rd Place

- Private Server for 1 Month
- 1 Months of Premium for each of the team

4th Place

- Private Mini Server for 1 Month
- 1 Week of Premium for each of the team


The number and list of participants will be approved.
We will provide it to you later.

If you have any questions about the Summer Tournament PM to Waxman
in Discord group of our project: Invitng to Discord

Follow the news and ask your questions.
The Summer Tournament is already starting!
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Re: Summer Tournament in

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Re: Summer Tournament in

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Additional information about the Summer Tournament

Tournament Bracket: Link

List of participants and teams of the Tournament: Link

Regulations List of the Summer Tournament: Link

Prohibited positions on the maps of Tournament:

Image Image

Tournament Server Settings:

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Re: Summer Tournament in

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:trophy: Results of the Summer Tournament :sunny:

nanaX @ Clan (@Di#5880):
The Summer CS 1.6 Tournament, organized by nanaX Studio
with the support of the site administration, has come to an end.

Team :first_place: H3N741 became the winner of the tournament,
defeating team :second_place: enVy in the final match.
The honorable third place went to the :third_place: Red Team,
beating :medal: Team 216 in the bronze medal match.
Very soon the winners will receive well-deserved awards.

We congratulate the winners of the Summer Tournament :sunny:
and express our gratitude to absolutely all the teams that took part in the tournament!
This tournament was marked by a large number of beautiful and funny moments,
which, for sure, will be remembered for many participants.

It is very pleasant that many are interested in the tournament
and we hope that you enjoyed everything.
In the future, we will be glad to see everyone at the next events,
which we will definitely tell you about in the news on the website and in the Discord channel.

The opinion of each participant about the past tournament is very important for us,
and in the near future the organizers will contact the team captains to get feedback.
With the help of your feedback, we can make the following tournaments even better and more interesting.

Congratulations to the Winners of the Summer Tournament! :sunny:
We wish you a good rest after such an event, as well as a pleasant time! :wink:

The rewards will be send soon. :gift:
And we are also waiting for the winners in PM to Waxman with offers for an Exclusive Knife. :dagger:

Tournament Bracket of the Summer Tournament:

Link to the record of Final of the Summer Tournament:

Participate in Tournaments and play!