New maps in January for Private Servers

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New maps in January for Private Servers

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Good day everyone friends.

We have slightly varied the list of maps for Private Servers.
Perhaps you will like something.

List of new maps:

- he_glass2
Battle on the glass floor with grenades.

- cs_hdb
For someone, this map is a classic, but for someone a new experience.
A large residential building with many entrances and exits also an entire roof.

- de_skidrow_2010
A variation of the famous map from CoD: Modern Warfare2, but for CS.
Short dashes and trash cans can duty you well.

- de_hone_pre
Long corridors with small spaces and old ruins.
Medieval fortress, which will not take you on a museum tour.

- de_abortion
Industrial area in gray tones.
Team T blows up some boxes again.

- cs_assault_iqyoshi
Reimagining the familiar cs_assault map.
Now none of the teams can sit in one place for 90 rounds.


We would like to remind you, dear friends,
that in order to have a Private server, you do not need to buy Gold.
You can just play the game of our partners Dragonica: Volia.

Soon we will help you a little and tell you
how to get Premium and your own server, thanks to our partners.

Stay tune!

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Re: New maps in January for Private Servers

Post by DragonBallz »

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