Free Gold from our Game Partner

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Free Gold from our Game Partner

Post by Yuri »

Lovely community!

We and our partner Dragonica:Volia create a special opportunity for U to try a new game Dragonica,
as well as to gain a free Gold, Cash and Premium in the

All what U need is just to to register in Dragonica: Volia game, and complete certain conditions like Evan's Quests.

More information here


You will receive a Reward for reaching a certain Percentage % level of Evan's Quests.


Q.: Would you like to join full servers and have unlimited rounds?
A.: You can get Premium for 7 days immediately after completing 12% of Evan's Quests.

Q.: You want more Cash?
A.: 45% of Evan's Quests will allow you to get Premium and more than 3800 Cash.

Q.: You want to rent your own server?
A.: You can do this if you play complete 50% of Evan's Quests.

You can always check UR progress here — Free Gold (link)

Don´t waste a great opportunity to rent your own server or to have a free Premium!
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Post by weOn »

Very good chance to win Gold, I like it.
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Re: Free Gold from our Game Partner

Post by DragonBallz »

please give anyone gold :dance4: :dance4: :dance4: :dance4: :dance4: :dance4: :dance4: :dance4: :dance4: :boast: :boast: :boast: :boast: :boast: :boast:
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