Problem with skill and map loading

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PFC Joseph Allen
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Problem with skill and map loading

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Something weird is going on in my skill... When I check my stats. It says decrease for maps I have not even played on or does not count for maps I have played on. An example of this is is when I played on De_dust 2 and got 24 kills and 3 deaths, then went to another map (De_Italy) and got 7 kills and 3 deaths, but my stats said I had only played on De_Italy? Can someone please explain what is happening since my skill keeps on going down for matches I am not playing.

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Re: Problem with skill and map loading

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The problem is incorrect (sometimes) display of game sessions. In the background your profile is updated correctly but played maps in the "Player Game Sessions" section sometimes incorrect. Just ignore this, all game actions are counted and saved correctly.

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