Instructions for buying skins

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Instructions for buying skins

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Skin is the appearance of a character. Using the skins store, you can change the standard look of a model,
namely, to choose an unusual character or to improve the quality of the model.

This material describes the process of buying skins in stages.

In order to start using the store you need to log in.

Login or register using the method convenient for you

After authorization, you will see the amount of Cash currently available
(how to get Cash is described here)

Click on "Shop" in the menu
(or follow the link "Shop")

You will see the available shop positions

The following information is available for each skin:

1. Model Name and Team Membership (T/CT)
2. The number of models in the store (do not miss the moment and have time to buy)
3. The cost of the model
4. View the model with the possibility of rotation
5. Buying a skin
With a sufficient amount of Cash, you can purchase a skin in the store

If you want to return to the standard display of the model, the skin can be take off

If you take on a skin, but other players do not see it:
1. Equip/unequip may take effect to 5 minutes
2. You must re-enter the game

If you do not see the skins of other players:
Make sure that in the settings the display of HD models and skins is not turned off

You are sure to find a skin for any team in the shop.
Earn Cash and Go Shopping!

You will find information on how to earn Cash here.

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