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Rules of the project
The rules of communication.1.1. It is forbidden to abuse text formatting.

1.2. It is forbidden to use profanity, insults, threats of violence, drug advertising, pornographic materials, promote intolerance to racial, religious, cultural, ideological, sexual, linguistic or political affiliation (including in the avatar, signatures, status, subject headings, messages, personal correspondence with other participants), and encourage such actions made by other participants. The Administration reserves the right to give its own final linguistic evaluation of the correspondence of any phrases and words to this rule.

1.3. It is forbidden to veiled or explicit provocation of participants to insults and/or clarify the relationship, even if the provocative message is not a violation of clause 1.2.

1.4. It is forbidden to place any ads for the sale or purchase of anything for real money.

1.5. It is forbidden to post ads about any services and goods that is not related to the project, except for sites of players teams on the project.

1.6. It is forbidden to place links to other games without permission of Administration.

1.7. It is forbidden to spam, flooding (exceptions are the sections "flood") in any kind, and also use game services for the organization illegal activities.

1.8. It is forbidden to impersonate a company moderator/administrator. Warning to users: the administrator or moderator always has an appropriate mark.

1.9. It is forbidden to communicate users knowingly false information about the game and project, denigrating the reputation of the project, intimidating or misleading new players.

1.10. It is forbidden to use, publish and discuss programs for hacking games or accompanying them; the publication of files infected with viruses.

1.11. It is forbidden to publish personal data of other users in any form.

1.12. It is forbidden to publish messages with smileys only.