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Question: How to change controls in the game?
Answer: Controls cannot be changed, such an opportunity may be added in the future.
Question: How to change the nickname?
Answer: Your nickname can be changed in the lobby settings.
Question: Is the game free?
Answer: Yes, but in the future paid services may be added without gaining benefits in the game.
Question: How to track my game progress?
Answer: Game statistics are updated every hour. Complete the game tasks and you can increase your position.
Question: In which country are the servers located?
Answer: Servers are located all over the world in order to ensure the quality of communication for all players.
Question: How to contact the developers of the game?
Answer: Communication is through Discord.
Question: How to start my own server?
Answer: You can offer a server with certain settings or map to Discord.
Question: Why is this game needed if there is a desktop version?
Answer: The advantage of this product in its availability in places where the desktop game does not work or else (work, computer lab).
Question: Is there a mobile version of the game?
Answer: At the moment, no, it is under development.
Question: How to place my advert on this website?
Answer: You have to contact website administrators via Discord application.
Question: How to play a duel with a friend so that no one bothers?
Answer: You can choose the game mode Duel.
Question: Why is the Ctrl button not working or working incorrectly?
Answer: The Ctrl button works correctly in full screen mode only, otherwise use the C button.
Question: Will weapon skins be added?
Answer: In the near future no.
Question: Does the console work?
Answer: No.
Question: What are the game modes?
Answer: We have classic game modes, as well as several entertaining ones.
A list of game modes can be found on the main page.
Description of the modes you can find at the link
Question: How my game stats is calculated?
Answer: Elo Rating System
Question: What will happen to my statistics after registering on the site?
Answer: New personal statistics will be created for the registered user.
Question: Playing a lot but my skill decreases all the time.
Answer: Your skill is reduced because you often die and kill weak players. For weak players, less skill is given out than for strong ones, try to look at the average skill of players at the entrance to the server and always play with stronger opponents.
Question: My rank is unavailable.
Answer: You must play in the game some time to update your statistics.
Question: My game client is lagging.
Answer: Make sure your don't have any VPN or CDN plugins in browser activated, for example: friGate.
Question: What is the stock of ammunition when I pick up weapons from the ground?
Answer: You will have only 1 ammo magazine left if you pick up someone else's weapon.
You will have as many ammo as were left in it before it was dropped if it is your weapon or you received it after the death of the enemy.
Question: My left CTRL button is not working properly when I trying to duck.
Answer: Use this button in fullscreen game mode.
Question: Why do servers sometimes send me to the main page?
Answer: Classic servers allow you to play for 20 rounds, after which the player goes to the main page. There are no such restrictions on private servers, you can rent them on a special page or find them on the main page.
Question: How often are statistics updated?
Answer: Statistics are updated every 1 minute or faster. Player ratings are updated at night by server time.
Question: Why don't my knife killings increase?
Answer: You need to play on a rating server with 4 or more players.
Question: What is the speed of Internet connection required for the game?
Answer: You need an internet connection with a speed of at least 10 Mbps.
Question: How to meter FPS in game?
Answer: Install FPS extension for Google Chrome by the link below.
Question: How to buy/take on skin?
Answer: You can find out how to use the skin shop in the instructions. Instructions for buying skins.
We have compiled this list of questions and answers for the convenience of our players. If you have not found the answer to your question - feel free to ask it in Discord.