How to get Cash
Server time: 15 Jul 15:59

How to get Cash?

Cash is needed to purchase skins and perks in the store. It will also be used for games in the mode Clan War.
Cash can be gained for these game actions:
Kill1 CashKill at the Ranked server
Headshot1 CashAdditional reward for a headshot kill at the Ranked server
Bomb Defuse5 CashReward for each defused bomb at the Ranked server
Bomb Explode4 CashReward for each exploded bomb at the Ranked server
Bomb Plant1 CashPlant a bomb - spoil everything at the Ranked server
Hostage Rescue2 CashReward for each rescued hostage at the Ranked server
Kill VIP3 CashReward for each VIP killed
VIP Escape3 CashReward for each escape being VIP
Hide and Seek Win2 CashReward for all winned team players
Gun Game Win2 CashFull reward for Winner and a half reward for his team members
Deathmatch (FFA) Win4 CashOnly one winner, only one reward
Death Run Win2 CashFull reward for winned Terrorist or a half reward for all Counter-Terrorists if they win
Bonus0 CashGift or compensation from the owners of the game project.


  • To use the system, you must be registered player .
  • Crediting occurs almost immediately, the last data update was: 2020-07-15 15:59:12